What affects the appearance and facial contours are mainly cheap supreme hats hard tissue and soft tissue structures. The so-called hard tissue is bone. The lower jaw, cheekbones and the frontal bone have most obvious influences in the facial contours. Soft tissue includes skin, muscle, subcutaneous fat and fat pad. In fact, the face-lifting needle technique achieves the purpose of face-lift through the adjustment of the supreme hats height and thickness of these two organizations.
Face-lifting changes the face, and now there have a new option. Non-surgical biotin face-lift is injected into the biotin injection facial masseter muscle hypertrophy at the muscle fiber contraction can not, in order to achieve smooth skin, muscle smaller effect. This treatment is not surgical face-lift surgery, no scars and side effects. It is a favorite face-lift method for a lot of people.
Cosmetics material biotin can lift face and change the face features. The biotin is a botox. The main treatment principle is overdeveloped muscles by injections into the masseter muscle hypertrophy at blocking the impulses between muscles and nerves, paralysis , paralysis of the muscles «disability» atrophy, originally hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the muscle so that the narrow face so as to achieve smaller purpose.
Under normal circumstances, the week after injection of biotin supreme hat treatment can be observed in the face with progressive weight loss effect in two or three months after the face-lift and the amount of effect peaked too hypertrophy of the masseter muscle can be reduced by about 30%, and the effect maintained for up to six months. The entire injection treatment process takes only 10 minutes, followed with the go, without any recovery period.
Compared to surgical treatment of the face-lift, biotin face-lift to change the face not only the risk of surgery in the treatment of price cheaper than a surgical face-lift the economy, generally in the operation of professional doctors, in accordance with the correct dose and precise operation face-lift and the effect can be achieved. The biotin face-lift to change the face of the biotin has passed the certification authority of the state food and drug administration. The safety factor is absolutely guaranteed.
Face-lift effect due to the different patients’ drug sensitivity showed not the same while others need to play 23 biotin needles can be effective. Suitable not want to change or afraid of the pain do not want to osteotomy face-lift for the masseter muscle hypertrophy of the crowd a short period of time can play a face-lift effect, but also part of the population of injection 2-3 times a long time, if you want to delay the masseter speed of recovery, it is no necessary to eat hard or tough foods.
Everyone has his heart in beautiful things. With the rapid development in science and technology today, cosmetic surgery has become an important and necessary mean in pursuit of fashion for many people or biotin supplier. However there is a risk for cosmetic surgery. People need to be cautious for transformation. After all, cosmetic surgery is a high-end surgery. The requirements are relatively demanding for medical equipment and physician. If there is a slightest mistake, faces will be disfigured or ruined.

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