Microsoft hasn been known for the most stable of operating systems in recent memory, but the giant company hasn let that get them down. They released Windows 7, which trumped all the poor Vista functions, and now people are starting to talk about the greater good that is to come with Windows 8. That right, you will now be able to enjoy the greatness of a new operating system, and some bloggers have already started to post pictures. There are a few things to get the average computer user excited, michael kors michael kors montreal outlet canada and it not always the style or functionality, but rather something along the lines of bells and whistles.

There are 3 things that will have you excited about Windows 8, and exploring them can be quite interesting to say the least.

Calling and Communication ?Rumors are flying about this piece of information that will have some people raising an eyebrow, mainly in relationship to the communication and calling functions that are going to be native to the next generation of Windows OS for computers. The rumor has been created due to the photos that a blogger posted recently that featured a missed call michael kors montreal and call mobile user option, followed by a confirmation with video to prove that it was something that was going to be a highlight. Calling from the operating system via a high-speed Internet connection will have skype users thinking twice about their beloved software.

Tablet Interface ?The second thing that people are really excited about is the tablet interface that is going to be native to this latest pc endeavor. Windows phone and Zune software will be shoehorned, or rather, retrofitted for those that are using tablet computers and running Windows 8. The look and feel will be a bit different and some actually call it clunky when flipped, but even still, it hasn been released fully so those things can be fixed in time for a final release. Only time will tell.

Intuitive Design ?Many people are excited to see the tile based platform that is similar to the Windows Phone design used in this version of Windows. While some might argue that this approach does not lend itself well to computer networking and the internet, it a feature that is considered as a highlight, especially with the way Mac Os X and iOS behave.
The above 3 things are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this new platform from Microsoft. Some people feel as though it not going to be worth it, and it is hard to say how Windows 8 will handle computer networking, but technology bloggers are showing interest, especially as new information tidbits are periodically released. For those who aren fully convinced, there are videos, photographs, and much more information coming out on a daily basis. It really an interesting matter that should be considered as one of the more innovative approaches to the Windows platform to ever be released. Whether youe looking to upgrade your home computer, laptop, or even tablet, youl find that Windows 8 is going to redefine the way you look at PCs and will definitely overshadow any negative experiences you may have had in the past.

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