Your new distributor must then circulate the Organo Gold pre approach packages, to those top fifteen people, or whatever you as the sponsor have decided what those pre approach packs are to be, which are also part of your duplicatable system that everybody in your network must stick to without deviation. After those fifteen people have received their pre approach packages then your new distributor must invite them to a presentation where you as the sponsor will attend and do the presentation in front of your new distributor and his or her prospects, for at least two to three of the first presentations. After that your new distributor needs to conduct their presentations on their own. That presentation or meeting can be at the new distirbutor home or it can be in a conference room on the internet where all the prospects of michael kors outlet canada your new distributor can attend.

Now your new distributor will make many arrangements in her or his home to make the presentation comfortable for their new prospects or alternatively will prepare and check their online presentation many times which is to be presented to their new prospects online in their own web conference room. The fact is, as discussed before, many of your new distributor’s contacted list of fifteen successful people will not attend the presentation, be it the presentation delivered on the ground in the new distributor’s home or online in their web conference room. If your new distributor is lucky, only three or four of the fifteen people she contacted will show up for his or her presentation. You as the sponsor must prepare your new distributor for the fact that very few of her contacted prospects will show up no matter whether he or she has just started in the network marketing business or has been in the business for fifty years.

This is the reality of the prospecting process in the network marketing industry and your new distributor must be aware of that and must realize that it will always be the case and not to take it personally and become emotionally upset and demotivated every time it does and will happen. You as the sponsor will then make the presentation yourself, in front of your new distributor as well as her three or four michael kors guests who have attended the presentation. The other eleven or twelve of the fifteen people who did not attend the meeting are irrelevant as the presentation concentrates only on those three or four michael kors canada people who are focused on receiving information about how they can change their financial futures.

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